Hello HC fans, 

How are you all? Sorry we've not posted recently, we've been very busy working on some bespoke orders and also other bits, which we'll share on the blog later on.

This is definitely one for the dog lovers/owners of our fan base. We got contacted on Twitter a few weeks ago now, by a lady called Emma. Emma owns a Husky called Hendrix and they live in the UK. On the 2nd of October is was Hendrix's 2nd Birthday, and his lovely mum Emma ordered a bespoke personalised Dog Blanket for part of his birthday.

Emma said she'd like a winter themed blanket, with Hendrix's name on it too. We've done a couple of personalised blankets before, so we showed Emma the designs. She told us that she'd like sqaures and a name panel in the middle, so after drawing up some plans for the blanket and discussing which design Emma liked the most. We started cutting out the fabrics and working on the blanket.

Emma did have a budget that she wanted to work to, so we agreed a price for the blanket. We are happy to work to customers budgets if they have them. However we do have set prices for the bespoke personalised blankets, as a lot of work goes in to them. Each piece of fabric is handcut by us and sewn together by us too.

Below you'll be able to see some of the work in progress (wip) photos of the blanket being made. Once we've cut the fabrics to size, we then make sure that the design looks good and then the sewing commences! We sew each individual piece togther on our trusted Janome Sewing Machine; she's called Jenny... Jenny Janome. The embroidery panels are done on our Brother Embroidery Machine. We love being able to make our items even more personalised to our lovely customers (YOU!) now, it's such a satisfying feeling.

Above is the design layed out on our table, we dropped Emma a message, to check that she was okay with the design. 

The two patterned fabrics that made up the main part of Hendrix's blanket.

Sewing the sqaures together, to create the strips of the blanket. Below is the name panel once we had finished it on the embroidery machine.

Here's some wip photos futher down the making line of Hendrix's Blanket.

This is where we pin together both layers of the blanket; the front and the fleece backing. We then sew around the edges of the fabric to hold it in place. Here's a close up of the sewing -

Once we've sewn around the edges, we unpin the two layers, turn the fabric inside-out; as the fabrics have to be sewn together right-side to right-side, so the initial stiches aren't shown and so the edges of the item are tidy and neat.

When the blanket was ready to have it's decorative stitches sewn, we changed the sewing stitches from a straight stitch, to a 3 step zig zag stitch; this helps hold the fabric in place and means it is machine washable.

We kept Emma up to date with the progress of the blanket, and also contacted her when we needed to ask little questions regarding the blanket.

Emma has said that she felt very invloved with the making of Hendrix's blanket, which is what we wanted, as it's a bespoke item for her and her boy.

Read Emma & Hendrix's Full Blog Review here - https://happyhuskyuk.wordpress.com/2016/10/12/hotchpotch-crafts/ - We are very touched by the lovely review we've received. So a big thank you to Emma & Hendrix!<3 

Here's some photos of Hendrix's Blanket finished and also some that we took from Emma's review -

If you would like a bespoke personalised blanket creating for a loved member of your family or friend circle, then please contact us to discuss your bespoke design. We hope you've enjoyed reading our latest post. Emily & Joan